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Today, Burlington’s diverse industrial sectors include food processing, packaging, electronics, motor vehicle/transportation, business services, chemical/pharmaceutical, and environmental. High profile brand names like Fearmans Pork, Inc, Cogeco Cable, Evertz Microsystems, Boehringer Ingelheim and EMC2 are amongst the companies that call Burlington home. Residents and visitors to the community have access to plenty of recreational opportunities, especially along the lakefront, which includes five parks and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Points of interest inland include the Mount Nemo Conservation, the Joseph Brant Museum and Ireland House.

Since we opened our doors in 2017, the Port Credit Audiology and Hearing Aids team in Mississauga, ON has enjoyed the privilege of helping hundreds of local people from surrounding communities like Burlington achieve better hearing by using best practices of audiology in a methodical process.

We’ve developed an award-winning reputation for helping local families reconnect with each other and their communities by combining great technology, an advanced level of care and a passion for those we serve. Our success has allowed us to give back to the communities we serve via contributions of profit and time to a variety of organizations, such as The Compass Food Bank.

If you or a loved one in Burlington, ON is experiencing some hearing challenges and searching for the right partner who is ready to make a personal investment into your long-term hearing healthcare, then the Port Credit Audiology and Hearing Aids team in Mississauga would enjoy getting to know you.


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How We Can Help

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

Latest statistics suggest that an estimated 77% of Canadians ages 40 to 79 years old experience a measurable hearing loss that goes unnoticed or overlooked, which means a hearing health check-up ought to be a healthcare priority now more than ever.

However, because hearing loss comes on gradually, making it almost impossible to notice any measurable day-to-day changes, most continue to put off having their hearing tested until it grows to become a significant problem, disrupting their ability to communicate with those around them and lead an active independent lifestyle.

The best way to know the truth about your hearing, whether you’ve started to struggle or want to prevent hearing loss, is a diagnostic hearing evaluation. With a comprehensive hearing evaluation, we’re able to assess your hearing and look far beyond just the presence or absence of hearing loss, in order to focus on your overall hearing health and provide solutions.

Hearing Aid Technology

Find the Right Hearing Technology to Fit Your Unique Needs, Circumstances and Budget

Did you grow up looking forward to the day when you could put on your first pair of hearing aids? No one does, but because hearing loss impacts as many as one in five people, it’s a step that thousands of people must take each year.

But it’s not as bad as you might think. Rather than those bulky and frustrating gadgets your parents and grandparents wore, hearing aid technology has progressed rapidly over the years, integrating digital technology into their design and performance just as cell phones transformed into the smartphones we use now.

Today’s hearing aids are small and discreet, which means that those around you might not even notice them. With greater performance capabilities, noise cancelling technology, rechargeable batteries, connectivity and a variety of other features, we’re able to better match each patient’s unique circumstances, needs and budget with the best possible hearing aid technology from our array of partners.

Tinnitus Treatment

Let Us Help You Regain Control over Tinnitus

Bothersome and annoying at best, tinnitus is usually described as a continuous ringing, buzzing or hissing sound in your ears.

Tinnitus is a growing problem that affects an estimated 75% of Canadians who experience symptoms ranging from a mild inconvenience to having a significant impact on their day-to-day activities.

Port Credit Audiology and Hearing Aids employs an exhaustive list of unique hearing technology, sound therapy and progressive tinnitus management techniques to help individuals who are bothered and annoyed by tinnitus regain control over their symptoms as well as their quality of life.

To start feeling the relief from ringing, buzzing or hissing sounds of tinnitus, we’ll do a comprehensive assessment of your hearing and your symptoms in order to determine the best approach to overcome your specific tinnitus challenges.

Our professionals understand the uniqueness of each of our clients, making your specialized needs and preferences a priority and designing your hearing care around you.

To take advantage of trusted, personalized hearing care, you can contact us online by using one of our custom designed forms, such as:

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