Know Somebody Considering Treating Their Hearing Loss? | Inspirational Stories of How Hearings Aids Make a Difference

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We see patients every day who are concerned about their hearing loss and have a lot of questions about treatment. While we are always happy to share our professional opinion, navigating hearing loss can be scary, and it’s often beneficial to speak with someone who is in a similar position to them.

The problem is that not everyone knows someone personally who is experiencing a hearing loss or who wears a hearing aid.

In order to help solve this problem, we’ve collected stories from people who have greatly improved their hearing and quality of life by taking action and choosing to get fitted for hearing aids.

I hope these success stories empower you to take the next step on your journey to better hearing health. If you know someone who may benefit from hearing these stories, please share this article with them.

Our first story comes from Sal, who knows the importance of getting your hearing checked early.

Sal became concerned about his hearing following an unsettling experience at work. He recalls, “I was in a meeting, and I had to ask certain people to repeat themselves, and I was embarrassed that I was unable to pick up certain sounds/voice pitches.”

Sal decided to get his hearing checked despite his fears. “I was worried that I would be diagnosed with permanent hearing loss,” he says.

Sal was diagnosed with a hearing loss, and he was prescribed hearing aids. Sal is thriving with the help of his new devices. He says, “They have made a positive impact on my hearing and conversations with people. I don’t get joked about anymore for missing details of a conversation from my family.”

To anyone in a similar position, he stresses, “Hey, it’s important to get it looked at early. You never know the reason why it is happening, and it’s important to you and those most important to you to know what you are dealing with and support you through this.”

Our next story comes from Irene. 

Irene didn’t think she had a hearing loss, but her husband certainly thought that she did. Irene says, “My husband kept bugging me for about five years before I went and got my hearing checked,” she says. In the end, she decided to have her hearing tested “just to shut him up.” 

She approached her upcoming appointment without concern, mainly because “I thought I was fine.” 

It turns out Irene did indeed have a hearing loss. According to Irene, her hearing aids have made a big difference in her life. “I don’t have to keep asking people to repeat what they just said. The radio and TV volume are way lower now,” she says. 

Irene encourages others to investigate any hearing issues they may have right away. “Get your hearing checked,” she says. “It does not hurt at all, and you could be fine.” 

And finally, Kathy shares how her hearing aids have benefitted her for most of her life.

Kathy has been wearing hearing aids for most of her life. She was diagnosed with a hearing loss when she was only in grade 3. “The teacher noticed the difficulties I had hearing. I really did not understand at the time.”

Opting to wear hearing aids that “work best for my home and work environment,” Kathy is grateful for the daily assistance her devices have provided over the years. Because of her hearing aids, she says she doesn’t miss out on important events. Her hearing aids have helped her communicate better with her family and friends.

She encourages anyone with a hearing loss to get it treated, saying, “Go for it. The aids play a very important part in your life. You are not missing out on important aspects of your life, personal and at work.”

Common Reasons for Avoiding Hearing Loss Treatment

The majority of people don’t take action right away when they first suspect they may have a hearing loss. In fact, the average person waits seven years before seeking treatment. And there are two main reasons for this.

#1 – Concerns about wearing hearing aids

Let’s face it, no one looks forward to the day that they need to rely on hearing aids. Some people may have concerns about how hearing aids will look. But the good news is that hearing aid technology has come a long way. There are many wonderful options on the market that are nearly invisible.

Hearing aids can dramatically improve your ability to hear and improve your overall quality of life. Sometimes, they allow you to hear sounds you didn’t realize you were missing.

#2 – Concerns about the financial investment

Treating hearing loss does come with some financial investment. But don’t let that stop you from seeking help. Options like insurance, financing and payment plans can help.

When you visit an audiologist for a comprehensive hearing assessment, they’ll spend some time reviewing the best options for you based on your budget and lifestyle.

Remember, an investment in your hearing health is an investment in your happiness and quality of life.

Next Steps

If you’re experiencing a hearing loss, I hope these stories inspire you to seek treatment right away.

It can be tempting to delay treatment, but keep in mind that untreated hearing loss can worsen over time. And once your hearing is gone, it’s gone for good.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey to better hearing, schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment.

You can reach our team by calling (905) 990-3755 or request a callback.

Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

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