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Comfortable and custom-fit earmolds and earplugs at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic

Everyone’s ears are a little bit different, so it’s nearly impossible for generic earmolds and earplugs to fit right, making them uncomfortable and less secure. Custom earmolds and earplugs are built to fit the exact contours of your ear, providing a better seal for sound, greater comfort and a more secure fit.

“Is there a place to get custom earmolds near me?”

You’re in luck! Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic produces custom earmolds, earplugs, and earbuds that fit the unique contours of your ears for a comfortable and secure fit that meets your specific needs and circumstances.

The Importance of Hearing Protection and Hearing Tests

After presbycusis, or age-related deterioration, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the second most common cause of hearing loss. An excessive noise event or exposure to loud noise can do damage to the hair cells in the cochlea, leading to tinnitus and permanent hearing loss.

However, hearing loss is preventable, and prevention is vital to lifelong hearing health. It is important that you have your hearing tested if you are exposed to loud noise. This provides a baseline to compare future hearing tests to that will help determine if there have been any changes to your hearing.

Custom hearing protection at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic
Custom molded earplug at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic

What Is a Custom Earmold?

Custom molded earplugs are built from an impression or casting taken from the outer ear by trained professionals. Traditional castings included the use of impression material, which was poured into your ear and then set up to make the mold, but recent innovations have made it possible to use laser scanners and rendering software to create a precise 3D image of your ear from which the earmolds are constructed.

Not only are custom earmolds used for hearing aids, but they can also be used for a variety of other activities, such as:

  • Shooting and hunting
  • Construction and industrial equipment hearing protection
  • Hearing protection for use with motorcycles and snowmobiles as well as lawn and garden equipment, power tools and chainsaws
  • Hearing protection for attending concerts, nightclubs and sporting events
  • Earbuds for listening to music through your personal player
  • Personal monitors for musicians
  • Swimming earplugs to protect against “swimmer’s ear”

Custom Earmolds Available from Port Credit Audiology

Noise Plugs

Noise plugs provide you with the maximum amount of noise protection with a comfortable and durable earplug. They are designed to provide protection for individuals who are exposed to hazardous noise levels while engaged in activities like concerts, sporting events, using power tools, mowing the lawn, hunting and shooting, riding motorcycles or snowmobiles or construction and industrial work.

Without hearing protection, you may notice a temporary change in your hearing or experience tinnitus. Over time, these temporary changes can lead to permanent tinnitus or even hearing loss. These issues are avoidable with proper hearing protection.

Swim Plugs

These floatable custom plugs provide a seal to keep your ears dry. They are designed for individuals who are prone to outer ear infections, have tubes or perforations in their eardrum and/or compete in swimming, diving, surfing and other water sports.

Sleep Plugs

It can be difficult to get to sleep when there is a lot of noise, especially if you work the night shift. Sleep plugs are made from a soft material and are designed to be worn while sleeping but can also be worn during activities when you want some noise reduction, such as reading or studying.

Musician Plugs

Those who perform on stage need protection against damaging noise levels, but also need to be able to hear or monitor the music they’re performing. Musician plugs are specifically designed to reduce noise but still preserve the quality of music. Based on how loud your environment is, these plugs come with three levels of noise reduction that can be interchanged.

Custom Earbuds
These custom earmolds with built-in headphones are ideal for individuals who want to listen to music and protect their hearing at the same time.

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