What Does Your Journey to Better Hearing Look like at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic?

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Patient Resources

Here is the bottom line: There are no quick-fix, one-size-fits-all solutions available to overcome your hearing challenges. 

In other words, regardless of the level of technology available in any hearing instrument, better hearing is an ongoing process that requires professional assistance to adapt to the changes that are taking place on a regular basis.  

Hearing aids are an important part of the better hearing process. However, we put a strong emphasis on the service and using best practices to ensure that your hearing aids provide the best possible better hearing outcomes.  

That is why at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic, we like to look at better hearing as a journey. As travelling companions on your journey, we want to provide encouragement by sharing the road map we’re following. 

We see your hearing care journey as having three phases: identifying your needs, customizing solutions and providing ongoing support. 

Infographic Explaining The Individual Steps of the Hearing Assessment Process at Port Crdfit Audiology

Phase 1: Identifying Your Needs 

Unfortunately, it takes most people four to seven years from when they first start to notice that they are struggling with their hearing before they take the first step to get help.  

While they hesitate, they risk further damage to their hearing and put themselves at greater risk for cognitive decline and balance disorders. Secondary to the above, individuals could begin to experience other negative mental and physical health consequences. 

Once you have acknowledged the need to improve your hearing, the next step in this phase is to find a local Doctor of Audiology in the Mississauga area to get the professional help you need and schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment. 

A comprehensive hearing assessment at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic is designed to evaluate all possible reasons for the hearing challenges you are struggling with, such as family history, genetics, infection, noise-related accidents and even earwax buildup. 

Even if your comprehensive hearing assessment indicates that you have normal hearing, we save your test results to use as a baseline against which annual hearing assessments are measured. This allows us to detect the slightest change in hearing as soon as possible, giving you the best possible outcomes when and if treatment becomes necessary. 

Phase 2: Customizing Solutions 

There are three steps included in the process of providing you with customized solutions: 

1. Recommending a Treatment Plan

The data gathered during your comprehensive hearing assessment provides us with the information necessary to guide you toward customized solutions to address your unique hearing challenges as well as your circumstances and personal preferences. 

2. Your Initial Hearing Aid Fitting

Our next step in providing a customized solution is to fit your hearing aid to your exact prescription following a multi-step advanced process that includes real ear measurements and adherence to Audiological best-practices. 

3. Real World Adjustments

Rather than just putting a pair of hearing aids in your ears and then sending you out the door to fend for yourself, we take the time to evaluate how they are working for you and make adjustments as you go about your typical day-to-day activities. 

This is accomplished by listening to your real-world feedback and then focusing our efforts on ensuring your devices are performing in all the key situations required by your daily activities and lifestyle choices. 

Phase 3: Ongoing Support 

Ongoing support is one of the characteristics of professional hearing care that sets our team of Audiologists apart. 

Along with teaching our patients how to take care of their hearing instruments and manage common troubleshooting issues, we also show you how to use all of the various tech features, like smartphone connectivity and other wireless accessories. 

Just as a new car requires scheduled maintenance for the first 10,000 kilometers or so, your hearing aids need to have regular checkups, cleaning and scheduled maintenance. This protects and maximizes the longevity and performance of your hearing technology. 

Even as you continue to use your hearing aids, your hearing can change from year to year, so we continue to evaluate your hearing as well as whether your hearing aids are providing the benefits you need with annual hearing assessments. 

Take the First Step on Your Journey to Better Hearing

Your journey to better hearing begins with recognizing that you need help with your hearing challenges and then taking the first step toward getting the help you need by scheduling a hearing assessment.

By taking that first step on your journey to better hearing, you’ll be able to communicate better with those around you and begin to see your life transform. Let’s start your better hearing journey together today. 

Don’t wait any longer; contact us at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic today or give us a call at (905) 990-3755.

Hearing Assessment

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Dario Coletta

Dario Coletta M.Sc., Au.D., Reg. CASLPO Doctor of Audiology is the head Audiologist of Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic. Dario obtained his Doctor of Audiology from A.T. Still University and Master of Science in Audiology from the University of British Columbia following his Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto. He currently holds lecturer status at the University of Toronto in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. Dario continues to work part-time at the Toronto General Hospital and has knowledge in advanced diagnostics, bespoke hearing aid fittings, and cerumen management. Dario also has a special interest in managing and counselling patients with tinnitus. He brings knowledge and efficiency in prescribing and fitting the newest hearing aid technology, and is committed to helping patients find an individualized solution for their hearing healthcare concerns.