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Ensuring that you receive all of the advantages available from hearing aid use, you need some basic hearing aid accessories, such as batteries and cleaning tools. Other accessories such as transmitters and receivers, streaming devices, earwax filters and charging stations are optional accessories that can help enhance your hearing aid experience.

Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic is an independently owned hearing care facility in Mississauga, ON, which allows our hearing care team to work with a wide variety of manufacturers and choose the best hearing aid accessories to address your individual needs and personal preferences.

Digital and wireless technology offer a number of advantages when it comes to the functionality and capabilities of your hearing aids. Now more than ever, you can improve your hearing aid experience by choosing additional wireless accessories that optimize your hearing across all environments, including the television, telephone and restaurants.

Wireless Streaming and Personalized Hearing Aids

Streaming sound from your smartphone directly to your hearing aids makes it possible to personalize your hearing aids to meet your specific needs and personal preferences.

Made for iPhone® and Android technology provides for a direct connection between your smartphone and hearing aids, turning your hearing aids into personalized earphones as you listen to music, podcasts, Facetime or any other audio you enjoy as well as allowing you to go hands free as you talk on the phone.

The addition of apps specifically developed for your hearing aid allows you to personalize your listening experience even further with customized bass-mid-treble sounds as well as increased or decreased noise or wind reduction. The addition of GPS technology can help you find your hearing aids if they are lost or allows you to use design settings that are specific to a geographic location.

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Five Main Types of Wireless Accessories Available

Phone Apps

Control and stream directly from your hearing aids. Apps on your smartphone allow you to make adjustments and take advantage of a richer sound quality for phone calls, music or podcasts without the need for an extra accessory.

Remote Controls

Control at your fingertips. Adjust the volume and change programs to optimize your hearing aids for every environment.

Television Streamers
Direct streaming of the audio from your television to your hearing aids in clear stereo sound. You no longer need to struggle with understanding the dialogue of your favourite shows or the volume of the television being too loud.
Bluetooth Streamers

Whether it is a phone call, music, podcast or any other type of audio, this device will stream them to your hearing aid from any Bluetooth enabled device.

Remote Microphones

Extend your hearing and improve speech understanding in the most challenging environments. Clip this microphone to a loved one when you want to focus on sounds in a noisy environment, or set it on a table to enjoy sound from a distance.

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