Access to High Quality Mercury-Free Hearing Aid Batteries in Southern Ontario

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In order for your hearing aids to perform as designed, their intricate processing components require battery power.

Whether your hearing aids are rechargeable or use disposable batteries, Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic has Mississauga and Southern Ontario covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aid Batteries

What is the five-minute rule for hearing aid batteries?

Don’t insert the battery into your hearing aid immediately after removing the tab. Zinc-air batteries require exposure to the air in order to activate them. By waiting between 5 and 7 minutes before insertion, you will allow the air to properly activate the battery, which can extend its service life by up to three days.

How long should a hearing aid battery last?

It all depends on the type of hearing aid, and the size of battery needed. The simple rule is that the larger the battery, the longer it will last. The smallest batteries may last 3-5 days, with the largest lasting up to 14 days. More detailed information on battery type, size, and expected length of use is shown below.

How can I maximize hearing aid battery life?

Tips that will help maximize hearing aid battery life include:

  • Turn your hearing aids off and open the battery doors when not in use.
  • Wait 5-7 minutes after removing the tab from the battery before inserting it in your hearing aid.
  • Invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier to keep the battery compartment dry.
  • Buy fresh batteries, and store them in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid putting them in places where they’ll be exposed to temperature extremes.
  • Keep your batteries in the original packaging and don’t remove the tabs until ready to use.

Should I change both hearing aid batteries at the same time?

It’s not necessary to change the batteries in each device at the same time. Only change the battery that has stopped working. However, if you want to be sure that you never experience hearing aid downtime because of a dead battery, set aside a day each week to change them. For example, switch out the left ear battery on Sunday and the right ear battery every Wednesday.

How do I dispose of or recycle my hearing aid batteries?

Mercury-free batteries are considered safe to be disposed of with regular household waste. However, we encourage our patients to continue to recycle their batteries. Port Credit Audiology offers a hearing aid battery recycling program. You can always drop off your used batteries to us, and we will recycle them for you.

Hearing Aid Batteries Available at Port Credit Audiology

All hearing aids are powered by a battery. Disposable batteries are available in four different sizes depending on the style of the hearing aid. Port Credit Audiology stocks high quality mercury-free hearing aid batteries to ensure your hearing aids perform as designed while you wear them.

Hearing aid batteries are available for purchase in individual packs of four or eight batteries or in a box that includes 40 batteries. Below is a quick guide to help you differentiate between sizes and the average lifespan of each size:

Image showing hearing aid batteries in various size
Hearing Aid Battery Size 10 Yellow Tab 3-5 days
Hearing Aid Battery Size 312 Brown Tab 5-7 days
Hearing Aid Battery Size 13 Orange Tab 7-10 days
Hearing Aid Battery Size 675 Blue Tab 9-14 days
Rechargeable hearing aid

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Those who don’t want to have to deal with changing your hearing aid batteries on a regular basis usually opt for rechargeable hearing aids. With these models, you can place your hearing aids in their charger overnight and wake up to a fully charged battery!

Rechargeable hearing aids feature the sound quality and connectivity of our most popular devices along with:

  • Full day of power on a single charge
  • No need to purchase disposable batteries on a routine basis
  • Quick and easy charging – put the entire hearing aid in the charger at night and they will be ready for you the next day

In addition to disposable batteries, we stock replacement rechargeable batteries and zPower batteries for Signia, ReSound, Widex, Oticon, Unitron and Starkey hearing aids.

Visit our online store, call to place your order for batteries and other supplies over the telephone and have them mailed directly to you at home or stop by our Mississauga clinic to pick up batteries and other supplies in person.

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