Accessing Advanced Audiological Care Regardless of Where You Purchased Your Hearing Aids

Dario Coletta, M.Sc., Au.D., Reg. CASLPO, Doctor of Audiology with an elder patient at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic

Whether you have recently relocated to the area or purchased your hearing aids from elsewhere and are dissatisfied with the level of performance, care, or expertise you are currently receiving, our Adoption Plan may be for you.

Through this program, you will receive ongoing, personalized attention to prioritize your hearing health and ensure that the functionality of your hearing devices are optimized.

Outlined below are the details of our Adoption Plan, which offers continuous care, services, and support as part of a convenient annual package. With this plan, we become your dedicated team!

Alternatively, if you prefer, we also provide à la carte pricing for one-time care or support if that better suits your needs.

90-Minute Performance

This thorough, 90-minute consultation is designed specifically for current hearing aid wearers who may be dissatisfied with the performance of their devices.

Our consultation is conducted by a Doctor of Audiology who possesses extensive experience in your specific hearing aid technology.

We will conduct a series of tests, following the best evidence-based practices in Audiology, to help you optimize the performance of your hearing aids. The consultation will be customized to meet your unique needs, with the objective of enhancing your hearing aid performance and, thus, your ability to communicate in all situations.

Our consultation will typically include:

  • Comprehensive case history to understand your journey and experience to date
  • Video otoscopic examination to evaluate your ear canal anatomy and health
  • Earwax removal, if needed
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation (including speech-in-noise testing) in accordance with the best practices in Audiology
  • Professional hearing aid cleaning, which includes suctioning the microphone and speaker openings as well as using the Mark V machine to remove moisture
  • Replacement of any worn components, such as wax guards and speakers, if needed
  • Electroacoustic evaluation of your devices to ensure they are performing to the required manufacturer’s performance standards
  • Real-ear measurements to determine if your hearing aids are programmed appropriately for your current hearing profile
  • Adjustment of your hearing aids based on an accurate, up-to-date hearing test and your listening preferences
  • Smartphone pairing and app orientation (only available with compatible hearing aids/phones)
The objective of this 90-minute appointment is to take your underperforming hearing devices and bring them to their maximum potential for your specific needs.


Adoption Plan: Access Our Ongoing Service & Care

If you purchased your devices elsewhere and you’re looking for a long-term partner to help you get the best performance from them, this may be the right option for you.

With our Adoption Plan, you transfer care to us and we become your long-term hearing care partners.

It’s ideal for people who understand better hearing is a journey, not a destination.

This includes:

  • Ninety-minute initial performance revamp (everything detailed above) to kick-start your journey and allow you to maximize the performance of your devices.
  • Access to same-day cleanings, troubleshooting, repairs, and support whenever you require help or have any questions ($65 value per visit).
  • Access to two “preventative maintenance checks” to continually monitor, test, and carry out preventative maintenance checks on your devices to prolong performance. This includes any supplies/parts needed and any available firmware updates.
  • Access to two hearing aid programming and/or tele-audiology sessions to address potential real-world limitations in the performance of your hearing aids.
  • Loaner devices made available to you if your devices ever require repair or replacement, ensuring you’re always with hearing aids.
  • Professional wax removal services as required (maximum of three per year).

$595 per year

Only available if your devices are less than four years old

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