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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus.jpgNoise in the ears, when no source of exterior noise is present, is called tinnitus. Usually described as ringing, buzzing or whooshing, it can be mildly annoying or profoundly disturbing. In fact, the condition is rated from mild to profound. There are several causes, but they all cause the ear to send signals to the brain that there is noise present; normal aging is the most common cause since tinnitus involves changes in the nerves/brain and usually is accompanied by hearing loss.
While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are therapies. Your hearing professional has experience dealing with all degrees of this condition. 

Treatments for tinnitus

Here are some of the treatments available at Port Credit Audiology for ringing in the ears:

Hearing aids

If your hearing professional recommends a hearing aid, it is possible to get a device equipped with tinnitus-masking features to reduce symptoms. This works much like a white noise machine, creating a replacement sound. Hearing aids can be utilized for tinnitus treatment by individuals with or without hearing loss present. 

Sound therapy

Many patients find that phantom noise in the ears is best relieved by an environment of real sound. White noise machines are popular in part for this reason: they create a pleasant background noise that masks or deadens tinnitus. One of the keys to living with this condition is forcing the noise into the background.

Progressive tinnitus management

This process involves learning techniques that help patients react better to phantom noise in the ears. Since tinnitus is not curable and its perceived volume cannot be reduced, hearing professionals use this technique to help patients gain more and more control over their own reactions. For example, sufferers learn to quickly reduce their stress due to the noise. 

These treatments may be used separately or in tandem with each other to help the patient find the relief they need.

Many patients find tinnitus subsides somewhat due to the brain’s assumption that this constant noise is to be put into the background. Therapies to help “train the brain,” like tinnitus management, can help over time. Unlike many other medical conditions, time seems to be a boon to many sufferers for this habituation effect. Port Credit Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic has experts in tinnitus relief ready to help you now.

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