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Although tele-audiology became an important part of providing hearing care during the pandemic, Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic has kept this service in place to continue to meet the needs of our patients when they are unable to attend an in-office appointment for any reason.

What Is Tele-Audiology?

Tele-audiology provides patients access to ongoing hearing healthcare from the comfort of their homes or wherever they happen to be. It involves the use of the video camera on your cell phone, PC, laptop or tablet and an internet connection in order to provide you with a face-to-face consultation with your hearing care provider.

Our tele-audiology service allows patients to consult with their hearing care provider without having to arrange childcare, take time off from work or travel long distances to come to the clinic. You continue receiving personalized care, remote programming, or troubleshooting assistance from your own provider even while you’re out of town on business, visiting family, or enjoying some well-deserved vacation time.

Those who have concerns about their hearing but aren’t quite sure they’re ready to set an appointment can also take advantage of a 15-minute, no-obligation consultation from a member of our team. This helps encourage individuals who are hesitant or have reservations about visiting a hearing care professional to have their questions answered in a less intimidating environment.

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What You Can Expect from a Face-to-Face Tele-Audiology Appointment

Our live video appointments, which use a secure video platform, allow you to continue to receive a high level of service in the comfort of your home, office, hotel or wherever you are. Included among these services are:
  • Counselling regarding hearing test results
  • Hearing aid evaluation appointments
  • Follow-up appointments for current hearing aid users
  • Instruction on cleaning and daily maintenance review of your hearing aids
  • Initial consultation

All you need is an internet connection, communication software and screen (computer, smartphone, tablet) to make live chat appointments possible! Our goal is to continue to provide high levels of service while ensuring patients feel comfortable and safe throughout the process.

Remote Assistance

For most of our patients who are currently wearing hearing aids, we have the ability to make fine-tuning changes to your hearing aids from a remote location. This is possible using the mobile app for your hearing aid that was set up in the clinic during your appointments, or the app can be easily set up at home on your own.

How a Tele-Audiology Consultation Works

Step 1

Fill Out the “Schedule a Tele-Audiology Consultation” Form

Once we’ve received your request, a member of our team will contact you to assist with scheduling.
Step 2

You’ll Receive a Confirmation Email

After you’ve scheduled your consultation, we’ll send you a confirmation email. This email is important because it not only serves as a reminder but also includes the link you’ll need to use in order to connect for your appointment as well as instructions on how to ensure that your equipment is properly configured in order to use our tele-audiology platform.

Step 3

Your Face-to-Face Consultation

When the agreed upon date and time arrive, you will be connected to a member of our hearing care team via tele-conferencing. During this consultation, your hearing care provider will address your questions and concerns and provide whatever hearing care service you need.

This may include counselling and recommendations related to your recent hearing assessment, hearing aid evaluation, follow up for hearing aid users, instruction for ongoing hearing aid care and maintenance, troubleshooting, remote programming assistance and more.

Schedule a Tele-Audiology Consultation

Getting the help you need, whether you are a new or existing patient, is an important element in maintaining a healthy, high-quality and independent lifestyle even when you can’t make it into the office for an appointment.

Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic is committed to providing initial and ongoing care to Southern Ontario communities through face-to-face consultations by using tele-audiology.

To schedule a tele-audiology consultation, simply submit the adjacent form and a member of our team will contact you in order to provide scheduling assistance

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