ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing Aids

Part of the GN Group, a global leader in intelligent audio solutions, ReSound has played a significant role as the group’s innovation leader, conducting medical, professional, and consumer audio solutions research in order to develop, manufacture, and distribute med-tech, hearables, and intelligent audio products.

ReSound’s guiding philosophy, “Rediscovering your hearing leads to a richer, more active and fulfilling lifestyle,” is a clear declaration of the company’s commitment to provide their hearing aid users with advanced hearing care solutions. Their success is demonstrated by the worldwide distribution of their hearing aids in more than 80 countries.

Their open-standard digital chip technology was an industry first, leading to improved programming flexibility. Out of this technology came the ReSound AIR open fit design released in 2003, which facilitated a more natural sound able to limit the discomfort of a plugged ear canal that was common among hearing aids prior to its development.

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ReSound’s Organic Hearing Concept

Organic Hearing came from a commitment to keep nature and science in perfect harmony by designing hearing solutions able to work with the unique anatomy of your ear and mimic how sounds are naturally collected and delivered to your brain.

It led to the production of the most intuitive and natural sounding hearing aids able to deliver the whole sound picture, so your hearing aids fit your lifestyle rather than asking you to fit your life around your hearing loss. Organic Hearing applies Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) so you can select the sounds you want to listen to and tone down the ones you don’t by adjusting sound input intensity, and it eliminates issues with howling (feedback) and distortion, thanks to Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) technology.

A hearing aid model by ReSound

Features of ReSound Hearing Aids

  • Easy to adjust for challenging and changing listening environments
  • Open-fit delivery that provides natural sound while eliminating wind noise
  • Greater sound clarity in noisy environments and where multiple speakers are present
  • Quick charging for up to three days of use
  • Linkdirectly to iPhone, Android or other digital devices via Bluetooth technology
  • Remote Assist troubleshooting and programming support from the manufacturer and your hearing care provider no matter where you are

Patient-Focused Hearing Care from Port Credit Audiology

Our hearing care team have access to various advanced solutions and hearing aid technology like those manufactured by ReSound, but our patients, not the technology, will always be the primary focus of the personalized hearing care we provide.

Personalized hearing care at Port Credit Audiology begins with a highly accurate hearing assessment to zero in on your specific hearing challenges so that our hearing care professionals can help you select the hearing aid that helps overcome your hearing loss challenges while making allowances for your personal preferences and budget.

Besides selling and fitting our patients with hearing aids from ReSound, Siemens, Signia and others, we also deliver on our promise of ongoing personal hearing care with troubleshooting and technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair for a wide range of hearing aid brands.

If you believe advanced technology hearing aids might be the best solution for your hearing challenges, or you need tech support from one of our hearing aid experts, then contact our Mississauga, ON hearing care clinic by using the adjacent form.

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If you are experiencing hearing challenges, like struggling to enjoy conversations at a busy restaurant, not understanding conversations when talking on the phone, or feeling like everyone around is mumbling, it’s time to learn the truth about your hearing.

With a comprehensive hearing assessment, our professional team at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic can identify any hearing impairment you might have in order to address your hearing care needs.

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