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Hearing Aid Accessories

Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic is local and independently owned, allowing your audiologist to work with a wide variety of manufacturers, and choose the best products based on your individual needs.

With the advances in digital and wireless technology, the functionality and capabilities of your hearing aids are greater than ever before. With the addition of wireless accessories, you can optimize listening across all environments, including the television, telephone and restaurants.

At Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic, we can assist you with your existing hearing aids and help optimize their settings or add an accessory to improve their functionality. Explore our online store for wireless accessories!

Below are the five main types of wireless accessories:


Phone Apps

Control and stream directly from your hearing aids. Apps on your smartphone allow you to make adjustments and take advantage of a richer sound quality for phone calls, music or podcasts without the need for an extra accessory. Find out more below.


Remote Controls

Control at your fingertips. Adjust the volume and change programs to optimize your hearing aids for every environment. 


Television Streamers 

Direct streaming of the audio from your television to your hearing aids in clear stereo sound. You no longer need to struggle with understanding the dialogue of your favourite shows, or the volume of the television being too loud.


Bluetooth Streamers

Whether it is a phone call, music, podcast or any other type of audio, this device will stream them to your hearing aid from any Bluetooth enabled device.


Remote Microphones

Extend your hearing and improve speech understanding in the most challenging environments. Clip this microphone to a loved one when you want to focus on sounds in a noisy environment, or set it on a table to enjoy sound from a distance.

Schedule an appointment to see how your audiologist can improve your hearing aids with the use of wireless accessories or visit our online store to purchase.

Wireless Streaming and Personalized Hearing Aids

Stream sound from your smartphone directly to your hearing aids.

Made for iPhone® and Android technology allows direct connection between your smartphone and hearing aids. Turn your hearing aids into personalized earphones as you listen to music, podcasts, Facetime or any other audio you enjoy, or become hands free as you have a phone conversation. 

ReSound-Smart-3D-app-support+copy.pngThe addition of apps specifically developed for your hearing aid allows you to personalize your listening experience even further. Through the app, you can customize the bass-mid-treble sounds, increase or decrease the amount of noise or wind reduction. With GPS technology, you can find your hearing aids if they are lost or design settings that are specific to a geographic location.


Do you find it difficult to make appointments? Travel frequently? Have a hard time describing your hearing observations at your appointment? 

Remote fine-tuning provides you the ability to send your Audiologist a message from your smartphone about any concerns you may have with your hearing aids, and have us send you a message back or new hearing aid settings to optimize their functionality from wherever you are.

Get more out of your hearing aids without having to wait for an appointment.