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Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

shutterstock_149272727.jpgSudden or prolonged exposure to noise can cause damage to your hearing and is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Hearing loss from prolonged noise exposure is often detected too late, meaning the hearing loss is usually irreversible. Hearing protection is extremely important for anyone who is regularly in a high-noise environment.

Our ears come in all shapes and sizes, but most devices available to put in our ears come in one size, which rarely fits everyone. A custom-made ear plug or earmold is the best way to ensure the proper fit and function of an ear plug or mold.

We provide a selection of custom-made products including:

  • Noise plugs: provides you with the maximum amount of noise protection with a comfortable and durable ear plug. These are designed for individuals who are exposed to hazardous noise levels. 
  • Swim plugs: these floatable custom plugs provide a seal to keep your ears dry. These plugs are designed for individuals who are prone to outer ear infections, or have tubes or perforations in their ear drum. 
  • Sleep plugs: are made from a soft material and are designed to be worn while sleeping. These plugs can also be worn when doing activities when you want some noise reduction, such as reading. 
  • Musician plugs: custom plug specifically designed to reduce noise but also preserve the quality of music. Based on how loud your environment is, these plugs come in three levels of noise reduction that can be interchanged. 
  • In-ear monitors: these are custom earmolds with built in headphones. These can be used for musicians or for individuals who want to listen to music and protect their hearing at the same time.

All custom-made products are made from a durable medical-grade silicone or acrylic material, and are available in a variety of colours.

Hearing loss prevention is vital. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these custom products, and we can help decide which is the best suited for you.