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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are devices aimed at improving day-to-day function for individuals with a hearing loss. Most ALDs can be used in addition to hearing aids to provide extra benefit or as a standalone device. Below find some examples of helpful ALDs:

Amplified Telephones

Hearing on the telephone can be a challenge for some based on a low ringer volume or find it difficult using a traditional phone, especially for severe to profound hearing losses. Amplified phones allow the user to adjust the volume at a greater capacity than a traditional phone, and also have extra beneficial features such as: a flashing ringer, larger buttons, and larger display screens. Amplified phones are available in corded and cordless options depending on user preference.

Alerting Systems

Altering devices can provide individuals with a hearing loss safety and security, as they are at risk of not hearing important sounds such as a fire alarm, especially if their hearing aids are not worn. Altering devices can use visual cues such as flashing lights or tactile cues such as vibrations to alert the individual. Here are some useful altering system options:

  • Doorbells
  • Alarm clocks and bed shakers
  • Fire alarms
  • Baby monitors

Television Systems

Most digital hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth that can work directly with a TV streamer to stream the signal from a TV directly into your hearing aids. By bringing the sound directly into your ears, you will get a much more clear and richer sound quality. Bluetooth TV streamers allow you to adjust the volume independently of what others have the TV set to.

TV systems can also be used without hearing aids. A device is connected to the TV while the individual wears a set of headphones. The TV signal is sent directly to the headphones. This option still gives the user the ability to adjust the volume independent of those around them.

TV streamers make TV watching easier for all.

Personal Sound Amplifiers

A sound amplifier can be used to simplify turn up the volume of sound. ?This handheld device has a microphone to pick up the sound and then is amplified and sent to a pair of headphones worn by the user. The volume can be adjusted using a volume control. These devices are typically referred to as Pocket Talkers.

It is important to note that these devices are not as sophisticated as a hearing aid and are not programmed by an audiologist. These should only be used as a temporary solution.