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About Us

The goal at Port Credit Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic is to work collaboratively with clients to assess your hearing, tinnitus and communication needs using the most advanced technology and equipment.


Port Credit Audiology is committed to understanding your unique needs and listening to your concerns as we help you hear all that life has to offer. Great products are only part of the solution. Your trusted team will ensure that your experience at Port Credit Audiology is educational, comfortable and enjoyable. Your audiologist will leverage knowledge and expertise every step of the way to deliver the highest levels of patient satisfaction and success with your hearing.

The trusted team at Port Credit Audiology understands that many people have never tried hearing aids or have not had a positive experience with hearing aids. We often provide consultations for patients who have hearing aids but are not happy with them from other clinics.

Port Credit Audiology approaches every patient the same: understanding your needs and provide you with the best individualized solutions using evidence-based practices. Your entrusted audiologist will support and encourage you every step of your hearing journey.

Why Choose Us?

Hearing plays a vital role in the ways we interact and communicate with others. It is important to be informed about the credentials of your healthcare professional when dealing with your hearing loss.

An Audiologist is a hearing healthcare professional with a Masters or Doctorate degree. Audiologists working in Ontario are governed by a regulatory college, College of Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologists Ontario, and are held to stringent professional and ethical standards. 

Audiologists have expertise in the prevention, identification, management, and treatment of auditory and balance disorders for all age groups. Audiologists and physicians are the only healthcare providers in Ontario who can prescribe hearing aids for any age. 

A Hearing Instrument Specialist or Practitioner (HIS), is an unregulated provider with a limited scope of practice in comparison to an audiologist. An HIS has a college level diploma, is able to test hearing, but is only able to recommend or select hearing aids, not prescribe. Pediatric testing is also not within the scope of practice of an HIS.

Prescribing a hearing aid is a complex process that requires in-depth knowledge of human hearing and communication. Audiologists provide crucial hearing healthcare to patients of all ages. To hear the most out of life, visit an audiologist. 

Portions adapted from the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists website.

Community Outreach

As a local, and community-oriented clinic, being involved in the surrounding community is a rewarding experience. Port Credit Audiology values the ability to educate and support members of the community to take the necessary steps to improve their hearing healthcare. 

By educating the community about the need for hearing loss prevention and treatment, we hope to erase the stigma surrounding wearing hearing aids, and have patients become more active participants in their care. 

If you would be interested in arranging a presentation on hearing loss, and/or hearing aids, please contact the clinic for more information.


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